Month: October, 2008

Thanks to the early adopters! Now, how would you like to earn some money? Image

Thanks to the early adopters! Now, how would you like to earn some money?

October 14, 2008

Thank you, brave early adopters!

PhotoPressPro’s launch was a resounding success, thanks to a small group of photographers who jumped on the launch special on the very last day. Congratulations everyone! A special thanks goes to Ginny at PB&J Photography who found PhotoPressPro through a desperate Google search for Flashfader problems, and decided to share the deal with her friends. She was also the first to install and use the theme, and did a great job communicating issues which resulted in several bug fixes and new features. Check out her blog and the great custom design.

Now, what’s this about money?

Surely I didn’t mention money. As in… cash money? In this economy? YES! I’m talking, of course, about our affiliate program. If you recommend PhotoPressPro through a special link on your blog, website, or an email, you’ll receive a huge 50% commission! This offer is only good until the end of the year, but we’ll still give a generous 25% after that. If you’re already using PhotoPressPro, your blog is already a great advertisement for us. All you need to do is sign up and get your special link, replace your blog’s footer link to PhotoPressPro with your affiliate link, and you’ll make a decent bit of cash if someone clicks through and purchases a license.

Of course, you can choose to advertise in other ways, as long as they are legal, moral, and otherwise tasteful. Oh, and feel free to tell all of your blogger friends. Maybe you can negotiate some sort of kickback. Or you could slip them your own affiliate link and sit back and giggle while the cash rolls in. I’ll stay out of that.

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