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PhotoPressPro Platinum 1.2: Now with CSS Fonts & Post Thumbnails Image

PhotoPressPro Platinum 1.2: Now with CSS Fonts & Post Thumbnails

January 31, 2010

PhotoPressPro has always evolved to meet photographers’ needs. Today is no exception, with the release of PhotoPressPro Platinum 1.2.

This update adds several new features, including support for custom CSS3 fonts. This is the web standard solution for embedding fonts in web pages, and it is by far the most compatible and future-proof when compared to JavaScript, Flash, or image-generation methods. Combined with the 20 web-safe fonts already built-in, PhotoPressPro is way ahead of the typography curve over any theme on the market. And it even works in IE with .eot fonts!

The other big news is full support for post thumbnails. You can upload a thumbnail that floats to the left or right of the post title, or if you assign a thumbnail to a specific post (WordPress 2.9 only), it will be shown instead.

For some great examples of both new features (and an amazing design), check out Mindy Harris’s blog at Pastel Photography. Thanks for beta testing, Mindy, you were a huge help!

Read on for the nitty-gritty!

New Features

CSS @font-face support!

Most modern browsers now include support for the CSS @font-face property, which allows you to upload your own TTF, OTF, or EOT font files to use for any text on your site. We’ve made it easy for you to use your properly-licensed font files with your PhotoPressPro Platinum theme. Just upload the font file you want to see on each Fonts page (Post title, Subtitles, Menu, Content Text, and Footer). You must upload a separate EOT font file for Internet Explorer users.

Note that some font files seem to be incompatible with CSS embedding. We’ve had great luck with all the fonts from FontSquirrel, and they have the best online font converter we’ve found here.

Post Thumbnails

Located under Images > Post Thumbnail, you can now upload a thumbnail to be anchored to the left or right of your post title. Plus, WordPress 2.9 introduced its own Post Thumbnails feature. You can upload a thumbnail for each post on the right side of the post editor, and PhotoPressPro will use this image instead of the default Post Thumbnail.
Note that the post thumbnail may not work well with centered post titles and subtitles.

Customize your footer item borders

Those blasted dots around the your footer links can now be gone forever! Or simply replaced with a dotted, dashed, or solid line of your chosen width and color. Check it out under the Colors > Footer tab on your PPP Control Panel.

Customize the menu opacity

This never works in Internet Explorer anyway (well it kinda does but it breaks other things so it’s not enabled). But for those users living in “the now”, you can make your menu as transparent as you want. Check it out under the Colors > Menu tab on your PPP Control Panel.

Post_class() support

This is for your web designer. Adds several standard WordPress CSS classes to each post, allowing a fine degree control over the styling of every post and page.

Timestamps on Pages

Added a new option under Layout > Timestamp to include your Subtitle or After Post timestamp on your Pages as well.

Enhanced SEO

Your post and page titles are now wrapped in both h1 and h2 tags depending on context, rather than just h2 tags, for better search engine optimization. For example, when a search engine reads a single post, it will see your post title as a more accurate title of the page, instead of a subtitle.


Ok, you can have comments back on your pages now. Sorry bout that.

Minor fixes to the footer links.

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    Been looking at doing some site optimization and bettering the web design on my website for a while, so this post has been really useful. Easy read also, so thank you!

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