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PhotoPressPro Platinum3 – It’s not your father’s photo theme Image

PhotoPressPro Platinum3 – It's not your father's photo theme

April 12, 2011

We’re so excited to announce the release of PhotoPressPro Platinum3! This update adds quite a few features that have been on our wishlist for a while. Read on for the details!

What’s New?

  • Sidebar! We’ve had tons of requests to add a widget-ready sidebar to the blog theme, to place things like advertisements or custom menus. We’ve resisted up till now, but without any real reason. Now, you can add a Sidebar to your entire site, or just to particular pages. Go to Layout > Pages to set it up. When creating or editing a page, you can now set the “Page Template” to Page w/ Sidebar, or Posts Page w/ Sidebar. Or, if you choose to add a Sidebar to your entire site, you can create pages with a “Full Width” page template to hide the sidebar on those pages. Then, go to Appearance > Widgets and drag some widgets to any of the 4 new Sidebar widget areas.
  • Insert All Images, Insert Slideshow buttons. W00T!?! Yep, this means BULK IMAGE POSTING, baby. Simply upload your images as you always have, but instead of clicking “Insert into Post” on every..single..danged..image… you can now click the brand new “Insert All Images” button to throw all your uploaded images to the post editor, ninja-style, or the or “Insert Slideshow” button to add the shortcode for you.
  • AJAX Commenting. Inline commenting has always been built-in, but a page refresh was required to post your comment. That is no longer the case! (If you are currently using the Ajaxed WordPress plugin, this will probably conflict with it, and you may have to deactivate the plugin. If you have any issues with the built-in Ajax comments, or just think they aren’t as cool as I’m making them out to be, well fine then. You can turn them off on the Layout > Comments page.)
  • Page templates. In addition to the Sidebar and Full-Width page templates, we added an Archives template. You can now create an “Archives” (or “Sitemap”) page that lists all of your posts and pages by category, tag, year, month, or whatever you select on the Layout > Pages > Archives section. To add an Archives page, simply create a new page, choose the “Archives” page template, and Publish.
  • CSS3 Text Shadows. Add a soft glow, dropshadow, or letterpress effect to any text on your blog. Used correctly, this can give a very professional effect to your text. But, different effects can look pretty bad with certain combinations of text color and backgrounds, so beware. Oh, and these will not work on any version of Internet Explorer.
  • Footer title fonts. You can now change the font for the Footer titles, along with the Post titles, and Sidebar titles. Headings need not be the same!
  • Improved Line Height. Before now, the line height for the post content and the menu were based on the font size. Now, they are fixed to 150% of the text height, for much improved readability.
  • Less Naughty CSS for Contact Forms. Some of the CSS we applied to the comment forms were inadvertently applied to contact forms as well, usually to an ugly result. This has been fixed, so plugins with styled forms like cForms will look as they should.
  • Fixed compatibility with SEO plugins. A while back, we added the option to set custom <title> tags on posts and pages. But, we inadvertently broke the title functionality on some SEO plugins such as All-In-One SEO. Those should now be working correctly – email us if you have any issues with SEO plugins.
  • Floating Icons you can actually use. The my.php file must still be edited, but you can turn it on or off under Other > Floating Icons. Plus, no renaming of files is necessary! Simply edit the my.php file in the WordPress theme editor under Appearance > Editor and add your own links.

Oh, one more thing – a great new default look, inspired by the default WordPress theme. Check it out at the demo.

We’re pretty happy with the way things turned out. Love something about the new look? Hate something even more? Let us know in the comments. The new Ajax comments. :)


  • Rosie David · Posted November 14, 2011 at 1:38 pm · Link

    Absolutely THE best photography blog theme (and the easiest to customize)….and believe me when I tell you, I’ve looked at them all and taken many for a “test drive.” With Luke’s excellent support, I was able to get done in one day what I had been trying to do for a month or longer with the other themes. I just can’t imagine anything better, ESPECIALLY for a WordPress newbie like me. Kudos, kudos, kudos!!!! Thank you for making this part of my life so much easier!

  • Diane · Posted April 29, 2011 at 9:39 am · Link

    I’ve only just bought Platinum2 (which I love, by the way!). How do I get hold of this version 3? Does it mean buying a completely new package, or is an update available?

    • Luke · Posted April 29, 2011 at 11:37 am · Link

      Hi Diane! It’s a free update, and you should have received an email with a download link. Let me know if you need a fresh one.

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