PhotoPressPro Platinum2 v3: Codename "Slippety" Released Image

PhotoPressPro Platinum2 v3: Codename

January 23, 2011

We’re exhausted, but super-excited to announce the latest release of Platinum2 WordPress theme, version 3! We mostly focused on the new slideshow feature for this release, but we also cleaned up a lot of cruft. Here are some of the more notable changes. First, the most important, yet rather boring one:

VERY IMPORTANT: This version of PhotoPressPro Platinum2 requires WordPress 3.0 or higher to run. If you have not updated to WP 3.0, do NOT activate this theme until you are up to date!

Now, the exciting stuff!

  • Post Slideshow. It has arrived! Platinum2 now sports a slick, smart, and clean jQuery-powered post slideshow that’s super-easy to set up and use. Plus, it works on all smartphones, and smartly degrades to a list of images when JavaScript is not enabled. Yeah, it’s pretty smart. Say, why not check out a screenshot of the options panel below?
  • Removed old PPP Link, PPP Multi-pages, and PPP Search for Menu Bar widgets. These widgets had more than a few problems with WP 3.0, and they were actally replaced a few versions back. If you were using any of these widgets, you’ll need to replace them with the PPP Simple Link, PPP Simple Search, and the vanilla WordPress Pages widgets. Or, take advantage of the killer Menus feature and use Custom Menu widgets.
  • Fixes to bring full iOS support to the navigation menu.
  • Fixes to pass the WordPress “Theme Check” plugin. Hence, the WP 3.0 requirement. Also fixed some PHP warnings that showed up in the WP debug log.

Check out a working front-end demo on the previous post of this blog.

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