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PhotoPress Pro News (and Coupons!)

November 20, 2008

Hi everyone! First, I wanted to let you all know that I’m working on a pretty big update that should be released soon. You’ll get a lot more customization options for the menu bar, as well as the oft-requested fixed background image. Keep an eye out for that email soon, or check the new updates page.

Secondly, coupons! I’m sure many of you know several photo bloggers – or photographers that need blogs – that would appreciate your recommendation of an easy-to-use, infinitely customizable blog theme like PhotoPressPro. Why not help them save a little money too? It could only help your chances of something really nice this holiday.

Tell your friends to enter the code “Thanks” at and they’ll get 50% off their order. That’s almost $50 savings for 1 license and $125 for unlimited licenses! Offer is good until I get done shopping on Black Friday. :)

One last thing, don’t forget about our affiliate program (with generous 50% commission) if you want to get a little cash back for your recommendation. It’s all explained on our blog here.

So there’s the news, the promised coupons, and a bonus plug for the affiliate program. Until next time, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, full of food, family, friends, and hopefully not too many more f-words.

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Thanks to the early adopters! Now, how would you like to earn some money?

October 14, 2008

Thank you, brave early adopters!

PhotoPressPro’s launch was a resounding success, thanks to a small group of photographers who jumped on the launch special on the very last day. Congratulations everyone! A special thanks goes to Ginny at PB&J Photography who found PhotoPressPro through a desperate Google search for Flashfader problems, and decided to share the deal with her friends. She was also the first to install and use the theme, and did a great job communicating issues which resulted in several bug fixes and new features. Check out her blog and the great custom design.

Now, what’s this about money?

Surely I didn’t mention money. As in… cash money? In this economy? YES! I’m talking, of course, about our affiliate program. If you recommend PhotoPressPro through a special link on your blog, website, or an email, you’ll receive a huge 50% commission! This offer is only good until the end of the year, but we’ll still give a generous 25% after that. If you’re already using PhotoPressPro, your blog is already a great advertisement for us. All you need to do is sign up and get your special link, replace your blog’s footer link to PhotoPressPro with your affiliate link, and you’ll make a decent bit of cash if someone clicks through and purchases a license.

Of course, you can choose to advertise in other ways, as long as they are legal, moral, and otherwise tasteful. Oh, and feel free to tell all of your blogger friends. Maybe you can negotiate some sort of kickback. Or you could slip them your own affiliate link and sit back and giggle while the cash rolls in. I’ll stay out of that.

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The Story of PhotoPressPro

September 8, 2008

Hi! Luke here, developer of the PhotoPressPro WordPress theme. I thought we’d start the blog with an insider’s look at the history, the present state, and the future plans for PhotoPressPro. Wow… isn’t the pretentiousness disgusting? I actually tried to write the first blog post without my usual cynical, sarcastic, yet upbeat tone; but as you just witnessed, that lasted exactly 2 sentences and 1 word. Word!
But let’s get to the point.

The Beginning

My wife is a truly amazing photographer and graphic artist. I, however, am a design-blind, excessively ambitious web developer. So when the inevitable happened, and I was asked to create for my wife a WordPress theme that she could design completely herself with absolutely no help or creative input from me, at all, thanks-but-no-thanks – I was ecstatic. I loved the idea of developing a great-looking theme that leaves all of the design details to the actual blogger. A few brainstorming sessions and 3 stomped toes later (women’s Skechers are HEAVY), we felt we had worked out the perfect combination of features for a high-end, totally customizable photo blog. So I grabbed an ice pack and got to work.

The Now

Our little PhotoPressPro was born July 2, 2008. I’ll be honest, she was a little ugly at first, but she grew out of it. Her first release was September 7, 2008; only 2 months old. ..sniff.. I’m sorry, we’re just so proud. She’s all grown up now… and with all those great features, I can’t imagine it will be too long before someone’s bought her and got her all customized. Hey… let’s detour out of Creepyville, shall we?

The theme is as complete as I want it, for now. Check out the home page or FAQ for more info. Of course, purchasers of any version of PhotoPressPro get free upgrades for life, so new features will just be gravy on that biscuit.

The Future

PhotoPressPro is, for now, just a theme. A nice theme, sure, but there’s no reason it couldn’t be enhanced with exclusive plugins, page templates to integrate other plugins, or other cool features to add to the experience. In fact, I plan to use this blog to keep an open line of communication with clients and readers, and suggestions are greatly encouraged to improve either the theme or this site. We won’t log your IP or track you down or anything, even if your comment says something about my hair.

PhotoPressPro is available for purchase now, and for a limited time, we are offering an affiliate program with a huge 50% share (25% after December 31). So, buy something! Or sell something! We both win!

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