What is the difference between PhotoPressPro and WordPress? Image

What is the difference between PhotoPressPro and WordPress?

September 10, 2010

This isn’t the most frequently asked question; but it’s a really good one, so we thought we’d answer it here on the blog.

Basically, WordPress provides the content of your blog, and PhotoPressPro provides the look and feel. When you first install WordPress, the default theme is installed. You can customize some things by using widgets on the sidebar, or editing the menu; but there’s no theme options panel. So if you want to change the look, you have to edit code.

Our theme adds a “PPP Control Panel” page to your WP admin, where you can customize the entire look of your blog. You can create a totally unique blog design using just the options in the control panel, and most people do. We also provide an easy way to add custom CSS code if you want to change something that’s not covered in the panel.

In other words, you could say that WordPress is your blog, and PPP is your blog design. All of the text and images in your actual blog are added through WordPress (except the about me section)… your header slideshow, fonts, colors, and backgrounds are all done with PhotoPressPro.

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