Showcase Page Update Image

Showcase Page Update

June 19, 2009

We’ve kept very busy here at PhotoPressPro Headquarters over the last year or so – steadily adding features, resolving issues, and helping photographers get their blogs up and running. But if you looked at our showcase page, you’d think we peaked at 3 users.

Fortunately, Justin Tadlock wrote this fantastic post for just this occasion. After in about an hour of furious screenshotting and link-adding, our blogroll was totally updated, and the page looks great.

I’d like to thank all of these wonderful photographers for gracefully allowing us to feature their blogs. We’re proud to be a small part of their online world.

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  • Luke · Posted June 19, 2009 at 3:52 am · Link

    Thanks Justin! You’re right, of course. I was smashing the img margins with some rogue CSS code. That’s probably the last bug, though. ;)

  • Justin Tadlock · Posted June 19, 2009 at 3:34 am · Link

    Awesome work! I’m glad someone’s putting that tutorial to use. The only thing I’d change is the margin between each photo. Give ‘em a little breathing room. ;), Re-did. Image, Re-did.

June 19, 2009

If you’ve been to before, you may have noticed it looks a little different around here. It’s all part of a massive youth-focused consumer-centric re-branding strategy devised by our new VP of Finance and Bulk Sales (VP of F ‘n BS), Tanner Bunt.

Ok, not really. I just wanted a nice logo. The logo is what it’s all about.

Actually, it’s just the first in the coming cascade of updates. We have a ton of exciting news to announce, as well as training videos, tutorials, free stuff, add-on plugins, and much more. Make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed or email list to get every update. It’s really very important., Re-did. · June 19, 2009 · Blog,
Now that's a review! Image

Now that's a review!

March 14, 2009

So Google alerts me that someone blogged about PhotoPressPro. Turns out it was a spam blog (not uncommon), but this one had a review unlike any I’d ever seen. In the interest of not supporting spam, I won’t link to the blog. But I pasted some highlights below (and a brief reaction), along with the URL of the spam site that I believe is located in Brobdingnag.

PhotoPressPro is a payment single-column 1024px-wide WordPress thought with inner features matured especially for professed photographers.

Hmm… hey, you got a couple of words wrong there, buddy.

Features PhotoPressPro is crowded with unequalled features created especially for professed photographers.

Um ok, that’s a little better. Got the point across, I guess.

Single-column, 1024px-wide info allows for Brobdingnagian images up to 10″ x 13″, or 936 pixels wide!

Brobdingnagian? Brobdingnagian? Ok, up to this point I was thinking this was one of those re-translation things that happens when you translate English text to Russian or something, and then translate back to English, with results that make you lol. But what the hell country uses “Brobdingnagian” as the national word for “large”? I really hope there is an answer to this question.

4 bespoken widgets are included

I wish I knew what “bespoken” meant.

A bespoken journal fashioned around your playing sort could be yours within minutes!

Man, I really wish I knew what “bespoken” meant.

Use PhotoPressPro’s inner “Snapshots” feature to spend mountain of bespoken designs for re-use later. Create a newborn thought for every season!

Ok, I’m past bespoken. More like bewildered and befuddled.

Use the Flashfader plugin to create a bonny 984px-wide slideshow headmast, or opt to ingest your possess noise brick image.

I can add nothing to that amazing sentence.

If you’re not completely satisfied, only telecommunicate us for a flooded refund.

Oh I get it now, this guy is telecommunicating. No wonder my boss won’t let me do that.

Note: There is a judgement embedded within this post, gratify meet this place to evaluate it.

No thanks, I never gratify someone I just met.

If you know what I’m saying.

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PhotoPressPro 1.2 Released With Built-in Slideshow Header and More Image

PhotoPressPro 1.2 Released With Built-in Slideshow Header and More

March 8, 2009

I’m proud to announce PhotoPressPro 1.2, a major upgrade that adds even more features. Many of you have been waiting very patiently for this, and for that, I am most thankful. I hope it’s worth the wait.

Simple Slideshow Header

Since PhotoPressPro launched, we’ve used the Flashfader plugin to create the header slideshow. It’s a great plugin, but as any Flashfader user probably knows, it comes with quirks; some of which can be particularly bothersome to photographers.

We’ve added a new section to the Control Panel to easily create a header slideshow, eliminating the need for a separate plugin. (Flashfader is still supported, of course.)

As the name suggests, configuration is very simple. You can configure the height of your slideshow, the number of seconds to show each image, the number of seconds to fade between each image, and an option to randomize the images. You can upload as many 984-pixel wide images as you wish, and you can change the sequence of the images.

Why do I need this?

Good question! Honestly, the main idea was to reduce the amount of support issues I’ve received with Flashfader, but there are several side benefits.

The Simple Slideshow is written in Javascript and HTML, and does not use Flash. This is nice for a few reasons.

  • The entire header slideshow becomes a link to the home page, making it optional to add an additional link to the header menu.
  • Millions of people enjoy using the web on devices that don’t support Flash, but do support Javascript.
  • The Simple Slideshow also degrades nicely; if a visitor’s browser does not support Javascript, the first image in the list is displayed.

And keeping to the “Simple” moniker, the images you upload are never resized, cropped, or re-sampled in any way; so photographers, be assured that your image fidelity will remain fully intact.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Stats

This update adds a new Control Panel section for SEO keywords and description, and a place to enter code provided by your web stats service; allowing you to take even better control of your blog.

“Meta” keywords and description tags are important elements used by search engines to index your blog. Using unique and specific keywords will increase your chances of being found by someone searching for your exact services.

Web stats services such as Google Analytics require some JavaScript code to be added to your site. You can paste the code in the Control Panel, and it will be inserted in the footer, just above the </body> tag.

Bugs Killed

No one likes to admit it, but bugs happen. This update fixes more than a few flubs.

  • If using Flashfader, the ability to change the banner height has been restored.
  • Added code to remove the WordPress-generated hardcoded CSS for image galleries. Now styled like post images.
  • Fixed image uploading problems on some servers, mostly Windows web hosts.
  • Fixed problems with some PPP Multi-page Widget options not being recognized.
  • Major and minor CSS fixes, mostly for non-post images (galleries, comments, etc), the navigation menu, and the footer. You may find the footer text slightly larger than before; this was actually a bug, so you may need to reduce the size of the footer text in your Control Panel to restore the smaller text.
  • Improved styling with Internet Explorer versions 7 and up.
  • Added the missing Search button back to the Search widget.

This was the biggest update yet, and I hope it’s the last for a while, aside from the always possible bug patch. I’m working on a new venture that will eventually envelop, and greatly enhance, PhotoPressPro. I shouldn’t say much now; in fact, forget I said anything. Just enter your email and we’ll remind you when the time comes.

PhotoPress Pro News (and Coupons!) Image

PhotoPress Pro News (and Coupons!)

November 20, 2008

Hi everyone! First, I wanted to let you all know that I’m working on a pretty big update that should be released soon. You’ll get a lot more customization options for the menu bar, as well as the oft-requested fixed background image. Keep an eye out for that email soon, or check the new updates page.

Secondly, coupons! I’m sure many of you know several photo bloggers – or photographers that need blogs – that would appreciate your recommendation of an easy-to-use, infinitely customizable blog theme like PhotoPressPro. Why not help them save a little money too? It could only help your chances of something really nice this holiday.

Tell your friends to enter the code “Thanks” at and they’ll get 50% off their order. That’s almost $50 savings for 1 license and $125 for unlimited licenses! Offer is good until I get done shopping on Black Friday. :)

One last thing, don’t forget about our affiliate program (with generous 50% commission) if you want to get a little cash back for your recommendation. It’s all explained on our blog here.

So there’s the news, the promised coupons, and a bonus plug for the affiliate program. Until next time, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, full of food, family, friends, and hopefully not too many more f-words.

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