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Snapshot Chooser Plugin

March 30, 2009

The Snapshot Chooser plugin, available as a free download for PhotoPressPro versions 1.2.1 and up, provides a widget that allows your users to choose from any or all of your saved theme Snapshots to view your blog. The Snapshot is saved in a cookie, so the user sees the same Snapshot on the next visit.

You choose which Snapshots your users can choose from in the Widget admin, and it works well in all of the theme’s widget areas. You can even have multiple Snapshot Chooser widgets.

Download the plugin here.

You may be wondering why I didn’t just include this in the PhotoPressPro theme. To be honest, I don’t think everyone wants it. Almost no one asked for it, actually. I just really wanted to use it on the demo. To be even more honest, this was a great opportunity for me to work out a process for building more multi-widget plugins in the future. But that’s a topic for another post.

To install the plugin, simply download and extract the zip file, and upload the ppp-snapshot-chooser folder to your wp-content/plugins folder. Go to your WordPress admin Plugins page, and activate “PPP Snapshot Chooser”.

Now you need to add the widget to the dropdown menu or the footer. Go to Appearance -> Widgets and choose your widget area on the top right. NOTE: If you don’t have any widgets in the selected widget area, adding this widget will replace your current default widgets in that area. On the widgets page, click “Add” next to PPP Snapshot Chooser to add the widget to the right side of the page. Click “edit” on the new widget to change the settings. You can change the title, choose a sort order, and choose from a list of your Snapshots. Hold down the Ctrl key (or the mac equivalent) to select multiple Snapshots. Click “Done” when you’re done, and click “Save Changes”. After refreshing your blog, you should see the Snapshot Chooser.

If you use the widget, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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