PhotoPressPro Platinum2 v3: Codename "Slippety" Released Image

PhotoPressPro Platinum2 v3: Codename

January 23, 2011

We’re exhausted, but super-excited to announce the latest release of Platinum2 WordPress theme, version 3! We mostly focused on the new slideshow feature for this release, but we also cleaned up a lot of cruft. Here are some of the more notable changes. First, the most important, yet rather boring one:

VERY IMPORTANT: This version of PhotoPressPro Platinum2 requires WordPress 3.0 or higher to run. If you have not updated to WP 3.0, do NOT activate this theme until you are up to date!

Now, the exciting stuff!

  • Post Slideshow. It has arrived! Platinum2 now sports a slick, smart, and clean jQuery-powered post slideshow that’s super-easy to set up and use. Plus, it works on all smartphones, and smartly degrades to a list of images when JavaScript is not enabled. Yeah, it’s pretty smart. Say, why not check out a screenshot of the options panel below?
  • Removed old PPP Link, PPP Multi-pages, and PPP Search for Menu Bar widgets. These widgets had more than a few problems with WP 3.0, and they were actally replaced a few versions back. If you were using any of these widgets, you’ll need to replace them with the PPP Simple Link, PPP Simple Search, and the vanilla WordPress Pages widgets. Or, take advantage of the killer Menus feature and use Custom Menu widgets.
  • Fixes to bring full iOS support to the navigation menu.
  • Fixes to pass the WordPress “Theme Check” plugin. Hence, the WP 3.0 requirement. Also fixed some PHP warnings that showed up in the WP debug log.

Check out a working front-end demo on the previous post of this blog.

PhotoPressPro Platinum 1.2: Now with CSS Fonts & Post Thumbnails Image

PhotoPressPro Platinum 1.2: Now with CSS Fonts & Post Thumbnails

January 31, 2010

PhotoPressPro has always evolved to meet photographers’ needs. Today is no exception, with the release of PhotoPressPro Platinum 1.2.

This update adds several new features, including support for custom CSS3 fonts. This is the web standard solution for embedding fonts in web pages, and it is by far the most compatible and future-proof when compared to JavaScript, Flash, or image-generation methods. Combined with the 20 web-safe fonts already built-in, PhotoPressPro is way ahead of the typography curve over any theme on the market. And it even works in IE with .eot fonts!

The other big news is full support for post thumbnails. You can upload a thumbnail that floats to the left or right of the post title, or if you assign a thumbnail to a specific post (WordPress 2.9 only), it will be shown instead.

For some great examples of both new features (and an amazing design), check out Mindy Harris’s blog at Pastel Photography. Thanks for beta testing, Mindy, you were a huge help!

Read on for the nitty-gritty!

New Features

CSS @font-face support!

Most modern browsers now include support for the CSS @font-face property, which allows you to upload your own TTF, OTF, or EOT font files to use for any text on your site. We’ve made it easy for you to use your properly-licensed font files with your PhotoPressPro Platinum theme. Just upload the font file you want to see on each Fonts page (Post title, Subtitles, Menu, Content Text, and Footer). You must upload a separate EOT font file for Internet Explorer users.

Note that some font files seem to be incompatible with CSS embedding. We’ve had great luck with all the fonts from FontSquirrel, and they have the best online font converter we’ve found here.

Post Thumbnails

Located under Images > Post Thumbnail, you can now upload a thumbnail to be anchored to the left or right of your post title. Plus, WordPress 2.9 introduced its own Post Thumbnails feature. You can upload a thumbnail for each post on the right side of the post editor, and PhotoPressPro will use this image instead of the default Post Thumbnail.
Note that the post thumbnail may not work well with centered post titles and subtitles.

Customize your footer item borders

Those blasted dots around the your footer links can now be gone forever! Or simply replaced with a dotted, dashed, or solid line of your chosen width and color. Check it out under the Colors > Footer tab on your PPP Control Panel.

Customize the menu opacity

This never works in Internet Explorer anyway (well it kinda does but it breaks other things so it’s not enabled). But for those users living in “the now”, you can make your menu as transparent as you want. Check it out under the Colors > Menu tab on your PPP Control Panel.

Post_class() support

This is for your web designer. Adds several standard WordPress CSS classes to each post, allowing a fine degree control over the styling of every post and page.

Timestamps on Pages

Added a new option under Layout > Timestamp to include your Subtitle or After Post timestamp on your Pages as well.

Enhanced SEO

Your post and page titles are now wrapped in both h1 and h2 tags depending on context, rather than just h2 tags, for better search engine optimization. For example, when a search engine reads a single post, it will see your post title as a more accurate title of the page, instead of a subtitle.


Ok, you can have comments back on your pages now. Sorry bout that.

Minor fixes to the footer links.

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    Been looking at doing some site optimization and bettering the web design on my website for a while, so this post has been really useful. Easy read also, so thank you!

PhotoPressPro Platinum 1.1 Released Image

PhotoPressPro Platinum 1.1 Released

November 18, 2009

Things are heating up in the PhotoPressPro kitchen! We’ve added some tasty new features to the Platinum theme. And while we were at it, we chomped down on some crunchy bugs too.

I’d like to apologize to those of you who may have been grossed out by the crunchy bugs reference. Or maybe it wasn’t so much the crunchy bugs, as the chomping down, that bothered you. If that is the case, I also wish to apologize.

Enough nonsense. Here’s the rundown on the new version:

New features

Configurable Timestamps

You can now show the post date underneath the title! Or the author, time, categories, or tags. Or, show any, all, or none of these after the post! Don’t believe me? Check out the new Layout > Timestamp tab below. Just a few clicks to timestamp bliss.(©2009)


Custom Font Size

Instead of small, medium, or large, enter a custom pixel size for any font on your blog. That looks like this:


Bugs Tweaks

Menu fixes. Large widgets, such as contact forms, should now look correct in the dropdown menu.
CSS/IE tweaks. Those of you using Internet Explorer should have a slightly better looking Control Panel. Those using Firefox or Safari will have a far better looking Control Panel.
And maybe more. That may be too embarrassing to mention.

We are always listening to our customers and using their feedback to build the best WordPress photoblog theme available today. Have an idea for a new feature? Drop us a line or leave a comment. We love hearing your feedback!

If you’re not a customer, what are you waiting for?

Introducing PhotoPressPro Platinum Image

Introducing PhotoPressPro Platinum

October 5, 2009

PhotoPressPro has been out for over a year now, and while it’s had quite a few changes to the control panel, the blog that your readers see didn’t change much. This was intentional – we didn’t think it would be a good idea to change the look of your blog just so you could install an update. However, we’ve received a lot of suggestions for making the theme better. So we rolled them all up, added a few of our own, and created PhotoPressPro Platinum.

In the interest of not repeating a lot of information, see a quick comparison here, and check out a tabbed walk-through of the Platinum control panel.

We are also offering the Platinum theme with WordPress installation and support, and much more, in "The Works" package. It’s the perfect option if you are a new blogger, or just new to WordPress. Check out the pricing page for more information.

We’ll be adding Platinum blogs to the Showcase soon, so feel free to nominate your own blog (or your favorites) in the comments.


  • admin · Posted January 23, 2010 at 10:25 pm · Link

    Thank you Pradeep! You have some beautiful, moving images on your site. I hope we can help build your blog.

  • Pradeep · Posted January 23, 2010 at 9:24 pm · Link

    checked out ur offers – interesting!

PhotoPressPro WordPress Theme Is Compatible With WordPress 2.8 Image

PhotoPressPro WordPress Theme Is Compatible With WordPress 2.8

June 19, 2009

PhotoPressPro version 1.3 is now available for downloading, and is fully compatible with the very latest WordPress, version 2.8. Don’t worry, it still works perfectly well with older versions, back to at least 2.6.

As you may know, WP 2.8 introduced many cool features, especially for themes and widgets. Unfortunately this caused a few problems with – you guessed it – our theme, and our widgets. Namely, the PhotoPressPro Control Panel and the custom “multi” widgets. So, the Control Panel has been completely redesigned and made even easier to use, and new widgets were added just for WP 2.8 users.

Check out the new Control Panel below. The menu is all Ajax-ified, so you can move freely about the pages and click the big “Save Changes” button only once.

PPP Control Panel

There are some new features too, of course.

  • New Widgets for WordPress 2.8.WordPress 2.8, recently released, introduced a killer new Widget API (application programming interface) that makes writing Widgets easier than ever. However, it broke some PPP widgets, namely PPP Search for Menu Bar, PPP Link, and PPP Multi-Pages. For WordPress 2.8, the PPP Search for Menu Bar has been reborn as “PPP Simple Search”, and the PPP Link widget is now “PPP Simple Link”. Fortunately, the new built-in WordPress “Pages” widget does almost the same thing as PPP Multi-Pages widget, so I didn’t bother rewriting it yet. All the above widgets now support unlimited copies, each with its own settings.
  • Footer background color. In the “Colors” section, you now have the option to set your Footer background color.
  • Content heading and text alignment. In the “Text and Fonts” section, you can now choose to left-justify, center, or for whatever reason, right-justify your content headings and text.
  • Right-click warning box options. In the “Other Options” section, you can customize the text in the box that pops up when someone tries to right-click on your page. Or, you can leave it blank, and no box will pop up at all.
  • New “Default” Snapshot and header image.
  • Improved styling of Widgets for the menu bar. WordPress default widgets now look right, and this should allow the menu to support any Widget.

Pretty exciting stuff! Let us know your woes or wows about WordPress 2.8 or PhotoPressPro 1.3 in the comments.

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